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Websites for Students

Each website is rated 1 to 5 stars *****

Health Topics: 

This website offers a variety of health topics geared towards teens and their concerns. (****)

This websites allows kids, teens and adults to build healthy food and exercise habits.  The MyPlate builder is a great tool to help anyone learn to make balanced food choices.  (*****)

Science Topics:

Energy Quest is a fun, interactive website that allows students to delve deeper into the topic of energy conservation. (****)

NASA has some amazing resources for students to explore the universe.  This site offers games, project ideas, photos, even recipes and links to more websites. (*****)

Social Studies Topics:

The American National Biography Online website offers an extensive database of biographies on notable Americans.  Sources are updated semiannually, and references are well cited. (****)

The Library of Congress website is a great place to start a history research project.  It contains many primary sources, like documents, photos, recordings and video.  There are many interesting collections to browse, as well as topics to choose from. (*****)

Math help:

This website provides many math videos from arithmetic to calculus.  There are some fun "math snacks" games geared toward middle schoolers, too. (*****)

English subjects:

ReadWriteThink is a great resource for English students. It provides student interactives, graphic organizers, tools for poetry writing, to name a few.  You can choose the grade level to find activities appropriate for you! (*****)